Can I bring my kids and partner?

Yes. Or, you can come alone. Or some combination.

Do you operate year-round?

Our first year, we will operate June-November 2021 and April-August 2022. 

Can I bring my dog, my in-laws, or my live-in babysitter?

We love animals, but we can't accommodate them. As for other accompanying caregivers, it will depend on space constraints.

What if I can only get away from my job or responsibilities for less than a month?

We generally expect resident artists to be dedicated to living and working on site during the month. However, we recognize that sometimes life intervenes. Please apply for months when you can commit to being on site most of the time.

Who qualifies as a parent artist?

We seek to support artists who are primary caregivers in any capacity to children under 18.

What types of artists do you consider?

We welcome applications from all types of visual artists. We welcome moving image, video, and audio artwork as well. If your work is shown in an art context we encourage you to apply.

What is the studio space like?

There is a new 400 sq. foot studio building on our property with a beautiful view, and a retrofitted 300 sq. foot space as well. Both studios have lofted areas, heating and A/C. Artists can work in whatever media they choose, though we request that no highly toxic materials or materials with fumes be used. We do not have ceramics facilities or a kiln onsite.

Can I apply with my creative collaborator?

Yes, so long as your collaborator is also a caregiver, and applies separately. We accept proposals from artists who would like to work in tandem. Please indicate this on your application form.

What exactly do you provide for kids?

We have sleeping options for kids of all ages. We have high chairs, a travel crib, and some level of childproofing and gates for stairs. There are play areas outside and a mini studio, bikes and scooters and helmets, countless board games, kid art supplies, a kid-only play nook, toys, books for all ages, and Netflix. We also offer support to find whatever childcare or diversion tactics you need, whether that is some vetted sitters in the area, ideas for summer camps or nearby attractions, libraries, lakes, hikes, and so on.

How do I get there?

We recommend bringing your own vehicle or making arrangements to share one. Our residency is in a hamlet called Glenco Mills, in the town of Livingston, about 2 hours north of Manhattan. It is fairly rural. The closest city is Hudson, a 15 min car ride away. Both Metro North and Amtrak serve the region, with an Amtrak stop in Hudson being the closest. There are taxis and car services available. We have a number of kid and adult bikes and helmets that are available and at your disposal for more local jaunts.

What's the situation with food?

We will offer a welcome dinner and some additional programmed family style evening meals. The kitchen is stocked with basic food staples for breakfast and lunch. For all other food needs, there's a grocery store/pharmacy and several farm stands within a 5 minute drive. The area is full of great restaurants, shopping options, and farms within a 15-30 minute drive. We can help to some degree in accommodating food restrictions, allergies, and diets.

Will other artists and kids be attending at the same time as me?

Artists and families will be sharing the studios and common spaces. Each family will have their own bedrooms and bathrooms within the house. There is a shared den/library, dining room with an upright piano, a large eat-in kitchen, and a screened in porch. The bedrooms all have air conditioning, and there is heat in all rooms in the winter.

The studio spaces are separate from the house, so artists will have the focus they need. We also ask for quiet hours in the house from 9pm-7am.

Is there staff on site?

An on site resident coordinator will manage the facilities and help with logistics.

Are there medical facilities nearby?

The closest hospital is Columbia Memorial in Hudson, 15 min by car. There are a number of urgent care facilities in the area, and the local supermarket has a pharmacy, which is a 5 minute drive from the house.

Do I need to pay for this residency? And what does it cost to apply?

Interlude is a 501c3 charitable organization that provides residencies to the artists and their families free of charge. There is no charge to apply.

Do I need to participate in any official activities while in residence?

No. You will be offered visits by wonderful area art professionals and artists. These are elective but encouraged. Periodic evening meals (3 per week in summer, 2 per month in the Spring and Fall) are meant to bring participants together, and you are encouraged to attend those as well.

The application asks for a website. What if I don't have one?

A link to a web page is necessary for our jurors. You might consider one of the low cost or free options available online (such as Google docs or Wordpress), where you can compile your images and other relevant information.

Who will be reviewing my application?

A diverse panel of visual artists from the Hudson Valley and beyond.

When will I be notified?

We hope to notify candidates in February.